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Thi’sl Drops A New Video For “King Without A Crown”

Rapper Thi’sl, a St. Louis-based artist who says he’s always used his platform to address racial and social issues, released a new project titled Heavy Is the Head — inspired by events in Ferguson and New York surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Thi’sl covers various topics including fatherlessness in the inner city and police brutality. On a song titled “Lord Help Me,” the rapper expresses his frustration with people from outside the Ferguson community always blaming tragedies, such as the death of Michael Brown, on the lack of fathers.

“I kept hearing people saying the problem with Ferguson is that there are no fathers in the home,” said Thi’sl.
“People talk to us about that stuff as if we don’t know. We are the people that know that more than anybody. You see so many people willing to point out the problem, but people aren’t willing to point out the solution.

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